Our Process

As our client you can expect your building process will generally follow the following 7 steps:

●  An initial discussion with us to outline your project scope, timing and budget. We listen to you.

●  If you are building a new home, lot or acreage selection, along with building site and utilities planning. We offer advice for best results.

●  Plan selection for your specific site. We initiate discussion of planbenefits &limitations or suggest modifications to avoid problems mid-project.

●  Discussion along with samples or images of your preferred (interior & exterior) style and finishes. Again, we offer steering to keep within project scope and budget.

●  A thorough estimate from us on the costs associated with the completed project.  We often include suggestions where you might save money while still keeping within industry building and design standards.

●  Review and signing of our building agreement so that we are all on the same page as to exactly what is and is not included in the building process. When changes are made during the project, change orders are agreed upon and signed to document these modifications and any associated costs along the way.

●  Project phase meetings to review progress, answer questions, solve unforeseen challenges, review budget and discuss next steps.